Vinyl Table Covers

Water proof and covered in beautiful prints, Vinyl Table Covers are great for use in food service situations and outdoor endeavors. Each is made to size with fitted corners for simple installation and smooth display areas.

Available sizes:
4', 6', 8'


The sewing on Vinyl Table Covers extends down each corner, creating a form-fitting cover. This also means that designs and images should not extend across the seams to maintain image clarity. All of the artwork is laid out by Celina’s in-house graphics department with sample layouts sent to customers for review before we print. You can also lay out your design yourself; head on over to our template page for downloadable layout templates complete with instructions for use with graphics software.

Because of the vinyl fabric used each table cover is stiffer than a cloth counterpart. Installation requires that the cover be lined up with the front imagery oriented toward the front of table, lifting the cover up onto the table itself. Each corner should be guided over the corner of the table, sliding the entire cover into place. Watch our Table Cover Video Playlist on YouTube for videos on all of our table styles.

Poke E Jos Smokehouse Vinyl Table Cover Setting.jpg

Multiple Styles

Vinyl Table Covers are available in both standard complete covers enclosing the whole table, and a 3-sided variety for under-the-table access.


Eye Catching Imagery

Using vinyl as opposed to polyester cloth really makes the imagery pop, with crisp lines and pattern edges for precise, beautiful prints.

hand cleaning rag.jpg

Careful Cleaning

Due to the prints being applied to the outer layer of fabric, Vinyl Table Covers should be lightly wiped with warm soapy water to clean; do not scrub or use harsh chemicals.