Round Table Covers

Created to ensure that no part of the cover will drag on the floor, the Round Table Cover form fits to 36, 48, 60 and 72 inch round tables. Custom printing can be applied to both the side panel and top portion of the cover.

Available sizes:
36" x 29", 48" x 29", 60" x 29", 72" x 29"


Round Table Covers are sewn around the table edge to ensure that the cover’s printing will be uninterrupted on the table top as well as along the vertical portion of the cover. This seam placement gives each cover a rounded and fitted appearance which keeps both the top and sides unwrinkled by how the cloth lays for maximum visibility. Edges of the cover are surged for extra durability. Watch our Table Cover Playlist on YouTube to find out more.

Images, logos and branding can be printed on both the table top portion in addition to the entirety of the side that wraps around the edge of the table. The same motif can be applied to both, or each piece can be a separate design depending on how you intend to utilize the table. You can design your own cover using our downloadable templates or send your artwork to our design department to have it created professionally.

California Coast Round Table Cover Background.jpg

Form Fitting

Round Table Cover design allows the sides of the cover to fall vertically from the top portion for the best display of printed artwork.


Light Weight

The breathable polyester fabric is an easy item to store and bring along to any event, taking up minimal space when packing your show pieces.


Easy to Clean

All table covers are machine washable and can be spot cleaned with ease without any harm coming to the print.