Master Series Frame Tents

The Master Series Frame Tent is similar to the standard frame tent with the added benefit of reduced installation time. Support frames are the same as the Classic Series, with a divergent fabric top design and added base plate.

Available sizes:
20' x 20', 20' x 30', 20' x 40'


All vinyl tents from Celina Tent are made from DuraTop, a vinyl created to allow for high-quality prints while still maintaining the best attributes for fabric shelters. All tops are block-out and flame resistant to pass all requirements for shelter fabrics. The surface of the vinyl has been designed so that solvent and latex printing can be used to craft beautiful pieces of art to reflect your business or designs. Follow this link to find our templates for setting up your artwork for each style of tent.

The fabric top for the Master Series is designed to reduce the amount of hardware required to secure the top to the frame. Instead of the normal series of alligator clips along the entire tent perimeter, Master Series Tents have catenary curved valances to allow the tent anchors to pull the fabric evenly to each leg location. Watch some of our Installation Videos to see first-hand how the Master Series Tents come together.



Catenary Curves

The valance portion on each Master Series Tent is formed into a catenary curve to allow for even tension distribution to each anchoring point.


Interchangeable Framework

West Coast Style Frame Tubing and Fittings are used on all Master Series Tents, allowing for easy part replacement and swapping.


Base Plate Staking

Each Master Series Base Plate includes a hook for attaching the guy lines that tension the fabric top, along with a staking hole for added tent stability.