Easy-Access Fitted table covers

Allowing you complete coverage of the table, Easy Access Table Covers are equipped with a split down the back side of the cover so that you can open the split and access the space underneath the table. This lets you easily use all storage space available to you.

4' Easy-Access Fitted

6' Easy-Access Fitted

8' Easy-Access Fitted


Table Covers are easy to install; locate your table, find the “front” end of your table cover, and lay the cloth evenly over the table. Because of the seamed corners, the cover will lay snugly around the table and need to be tugged into place. See more about our table covers by watching some of our table cover videos on YouTube.

Logos and branding can be customized to your own business or event. This can be handled by the graphics department or you can take one of our easy-to-use templates and lay out your imagery or color schemes on your own (using graphics software). If you’re interested, you can download any products’ templates here.


Complete Enclosure

The split seam down the back of the cover completely covers the fasteners so that the presentation of the cover is complete from side to side.


Simple Fastener

The hook and loop strips are easy to open and close, giving you instantaneous access to the table’s storage space.



Every table cover printed with dye sublimation can be washed without losing the print, making clean up a no-hassle event.