Custom Draped table covers

Mimicking classical curtain aesthetics, the Draped Table Cover is a complete rectangle with curved corners, allowing the fabric to bunch at the transition to each table side and perfectly frame whatever print is placed on the main viewing area.

4' Draped

6' Draped

8' Draped


Draped Table Covers are placed on the appropriately sized table with the main print facing toward the front.  Once the image is centered, the whole cover can be moved front to back to even out the lay of the cover evenly across the table. Take a look at our Table Cover Videos for more on common usage tips.

Choosing a design or motif is easy! Celina Tent has a wide variety of stock imagery that you can choose from, ranging across many different event and party themes. In case you don’t find the art you’re looking for, you can also submit your own artwork for our in-house graphics team to develop into a custom design or make your own using one of our downloadable templates.


Simplified Design

Opting for the simple approach, each table cover possesses only a single seam, minimizing the risk of thread breakage use to use.

Pane Vino Table Cover Brick Wall.jpg

Classical Elegance

The Draped Table Cover’s bunched corners are a defining feature of the style and give the overall table cover design a touch of elegance.


Made to Last

Machine washable with dye sublimation prints, table covers are made to look great even after long seasons of use at trade shows and festivals.