Barricade Banners

If you’re looking for a easy way to direct foot traffic combined with directions or branding opportunities, then Barricade Banners are for you. Options for nearly every available barricade size give you complete control over your banner design.

Available sizes:
78" x 30", 80" x 28", 80" x 32", 96" x 30",
96" x 33", 98" x 36", 


Each Barricade Banner is made with an open bottom and sides to allow the banner to slide over the top of the barricade frame. Straps along the sides keep the banner attached. The open sections along each side of the banner let it be installed even when barricades are connected together for form longer barrier lines.

Common imagery for Barricade Banners includes both instructional and advertising. Because of their use in directing lines of guests at events, your banner can have indicators such as “Ticket Line” or “Entrance” printed on it to help with crowd flow. For areas not as integral for foot traffic, banners can be printed with logos and branding for on-the-spot advertisements. If you’re familiar with graphic software, you can use one of our templates downloaded from out Templates Page to set up your own design or send us your images and our graphics department will create a design for approval.